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Michael Rabbitt Candidate for Unley

I have been fortunate to live in Unley Park and Millswood for the past 42 years.

I raised my family here, enjoying our parks and amenities and belonging to a wonderful community. Our children now bring their children here so they can also enjoy some of the Unley lifestyle.

My wife and I particularly enjoy walking our dog in Orphanage Park and through the tree lined streets. The local coffee shops also have great appeal and we often visit one of the abundant restaurants that are within walking distance from home.

In 2013, I helped form a Community Action Group. This experience has reinforced to me the importance of residents and Council working together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

My background is in banking and finance, having a Degree in Business and Diploma of Financial Planning.

I have served on

  • School Fund Raising Committees,
  • College Finance and Management Boards,
  • Committees of various Sporting Clubs
  • An Education Committee which developed and introduced a degree course to facilitate the career development for those in the banking and finance industries and
  • The Advisory Boards of Professional Bodies

I am semi-retired and while I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, cycling and travelling, there are a number issues within our community that have taken my interest. Instances of this are:

    • Stormwater Management and Water Detention
    • Preservation of our Parks and Open Spaces
    • Traffic Flows through the City of Unley
    • Increasing Community Awareness of Community / Council Issues
    • Community Health and Wellbeing

I will listen to residents and present their views to Council as I want to ensure that the City of Unley continues to provide the lifestyle we enjoy.” – Michael Rabbitt

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