CURRENT ISSUES My views on a number of issues affecting residents in the City of Unley are as follows. I am happy to receive your comments on these or other issues.

Environmental Protection Authority – Report of Possible Soil Contamination

Following media reports today of soil contamination in the Unley area, Council contacted the EPA.

The EPA media team has advised that there is nothing to suggest that there is in fact any contamination in the bore water at this stage. They will be doing some precautionary testing later in the month and have just advised residents via a letter box drop which appears to be what has alerted the media.

Copies of information provided by the EPA are attached:-

EPA – Unley Assessment Area – Community Update 2017 0424


EPA Unley – Letter to residents 2017 0428


EPA Unley Invitation 2017 0511


Unley Central Precinct Development Plan Amendment

After much work by Council Staff, Elected Members and Community Consultation, on Thursday, 30 March, Council agreed on the following:

  • Maximum building heights for Unley Road in the area adjacent to Thomas Street (West of the Soldiers Memorial Gardens – 18.5 metres (5 storeys)
  • The remaining area to Arthur Street (Unley Shopping Centre site – 18.5 metres (7 storeys)
  • The area west of Unley Road north of Arthur Street (Target, Bazaar and Haddad sites) – 32.5 metres (9 storeys)
  • The area east of Unley Road north of Oxford Terrace – 18.5 metres (5 storeys)
  • Road and open-space setbacks Policy – Option 2 replacement flexible envelope principles
  • Community Area east of Unley Road – Prescriptive Option with designated Village Green and defined building heights
  • Maximum building height on Council Civic Area – 11.5 metres (3 storeys) with 1 storey to Edmund Avenue, Rugby Street & eastern end of Oxford Terrace
  • Exclude residential development from the Community Area east of Unley Road to the south of Oxford Terrace
  • Maximum building height on the northern side of Oxford Terrace – 11.5 metres (3 storeys)

The Development Plan Amendment and Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) Report, correspondingly amended, be forwarded to the Minister.

The Minister may accept Council’s Draft Plan, or he may wish to make alterations. We look forward to a response in the ‘not too distant’ future.


Rail Crossings

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure has released a draft report regarding Adelaide’s road level crossings and pedestrian crossings.

Details are rather ‘sketchy’ at this stage and crossings in the City of Unley are not among those where a high number of incidents have been recorded.

While safety of motorists and pedestrians is important, of course, we do need to be able to move from district to district. Just one example is the re-opened Millswood Train Station, with many residents living west of the trainline crossing to the platform on the eastern side of the track. There are many other similar situations.

If overpasses or underpasses are constructed for roadways, with the added option of a locked gate mechanism for pedestrian crossings, thereby allowing people to continue to move across our suburbs, then there is probably no issue with the proposal.

I do note that at this stage the plan is uncosted and unfunded!

The government has identified the need for extensive public consultation, but the first stage ends this week!!!

You can comment on the strategy at

DPTI Draft Railway Crossing Safety Strategy 2016


Draft Walking and Cycling Plan

Following the successful application for grant funding from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), Council undertook a review of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 2005.

This review was necessitated following Council’s adoption of the Community Pan 2033, which has key strategic objectives for pedestrians and cyclists.

The draft Plan is now open for consultation with the Community. This will involve several forms of engagement with the community including

  • Your Say Unley website
  • Posters/feedback forms at Unley Libraries and Community Centres
  • Posters at popular walking and cycling locations around the City of Unley
  • Targeted engagement with cyclist community groups

All engagement avenues promote the Your Say Unley website for viewing the draft Plan, viewing the key network maps and recommendations, and for completing the survey form on-line. Hard copies of the survey form are also available.

The survey seeks support of the Plan in general, gauges the community’s opinion on an appropriate time frame to deliver the networks proposed, and also provides an opportunity for respondents to discuss what improvement they consider the most important.

Please view the project page at to view the engagement material.

Please also note that consultation ends on 29 April 2016.


Draft Tree Strategy

The City of Unley’s urban forest contributes significantly to the City’s character and is integral to making Unley a green, liveable and sustainable City. Council has developed a new draft Tree Strategy and we would like you to get involved by providing thoughts and feedback on the Strategy. Your feedback on the draft Tree Strategy can be provided in one of the following ways:

  • Provide your comments online at Your Say Unley 
  • Send an email, with “Draft Tree Strategy” in the subject heading, to
  • Send a written submission to “Draft Tree Strategy”, PO Box 1, Unley, SA 5061

Your feedback will be accepted between now and close of business on Thursday 31 March.

City of UnleyTree Strategy FAQs

Stormwater Management and Water Detention

An effective Stormwater Management Plan that will reduce flooding in our suburbs is essential for the wellbeing of hundreds of our residents. Unfortunately, I did not achieve my objective of a dam in the upper reaches of Brown Hill Creek which was a major part of my goal in this regard. In South Australia, “we live in the driest state of the driest inhabited continent”. Water that currently flows to the sea could be used to water our parks and gardens. While work on water detention and harvesting has already been undertaken by Council, I will continue to work on progressing such programmes further.

Preservation of our Parks and Open Spaces

My children benefited from being able to play in Heywood, Orphanage and other parks throughout the Unley area. My grandchildren are now doing the same and reliving some of the wonderful experiences that their parents enjoyed. We relish the fact that this tradition is continuing. Such amenities are precious in an area with limited facilities of this type and if elected, I will work to ensure they are preserved for current and future generations.

Traffic Flows through the City of Unley

Workers coming into Adelaide travel through our suburbs. While this is a fact of city life, it is important to ensure that our residents are not disadvantaged by the increasing traffic flows and on-street parking. One example is the parking area near the Goodwood tram stop which is largely occupied by commuters from outer suburbs taking a tram into the city. This makes it difficult for local residents to find an off-street park. They then park in the surrounding streets, requiring drivers to negotiate narrow passage ways due to cars being parked on both sides of the street. Another is the incidence of drivers taking what they consider to be ‘short cuts’ by driving through minor roads, increasing the number of vehicles in streets that are not designed to take high volumes of traffic.

Increase Community Awareness of Community / Council Issues

Over the last couple of years, I have become increasingly aware that many residents have not been fully aware of important matters being considered by Council. In January 2014, a public meeting was held to gain input from the community for the review of Council’s policy on Community Engagement and Public Consultation. I was among a group of residents who provided input to that review and I would like to be more involved in seeing that policy implemented.

Community Health and Wellbeing

As a ‘walker’ and a ‘cyclist’, I enjoy the health benefits of these activities, together with other ‘like minded’ people. In order to encourage these activities further, it is important that foot and cycle paths are safe and appropriate for the needs of the community.

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