Inner & Middle Metropolitan Corridor DPAs – continued

I  attended the Public Meetings of the State Planning Commission on 8th, 16th, 21st & 24th August.

There are several interesting issues that have come from these meetings. It appears that, in regard to the City of Unley:-

  • A number of submissions have been accepted after the close-off date of 25 July;
  • While the Minister’s proposal was for the 301-305 Unley Road, Malvern site to be rezoned for 5 storeys, the developer now wants 6 storeys;
  • A developer has proposed a new site at 95-103 Leader Street, Forestville;
  • There is a request to include 141, 147, 149 and 151-153 King William Road, Unley within the Inner and Middle Metropolitan Corridor (Sites) Development Plan Amendment as a 4 storey mixed use development is being proposed for this site;
  • The owner of land located on the corner of Goodwood Road and Young Street, Wayville request that the land be added to the Urban Corridor Zone and the High Street  Policy Area of that Zone;
  • A developer who has produced plans for a 6 storey development at 248 Unley Road, Hyde Park (Cremorne Plaza) is objecting to aspects of the Design DPA, specifically – the Deep Soil Zone, use of painted surfaces above ground level, and buildings of more than 10 dwellings being required to provide a variety of dwelling sizes and number of bedrooms per dwelling.

At the Council Meeting on 28 August, the following Motion was passed unanimously:

ITEM 960


MOVED Councillor Salaman

SECONDED Councillor Boisvert


  1. The State Planning Commission, Minister for Planning, the Minister for Local Government and the Premier of South Australia be advised that the City of Unley is totally opposed to the practice of “spot rezoning”. The recent Minister for Planning initiated “spot rezoning” as part of the Inner & Middle Metropolitan Corridor (Sites) Development Plan Amendment currently under consideration in the City of Unley, and elsewhere in Adelaide, has caused major concern to this council. It is clear from the public submissions received that many further adhoc property owners are agitating for similar “spot rezoning” opportunity. There should be no “spot rezoning” and if any additional areas were to be contemplated for zone change they must be subject to a full Development Amendment Plan process and public consultation.
  2. The Minister for Planning be reminded of his policy statements that it is Council’s responsibility to control their future development by “getting the Development Plan correct” to the extent that they need reduced input at development approval stage.
  3. This Council reaffirms its belief that “spot rezoning” will lead to a fragmented development outcome, and poor proper or orderly urban planning practice.
  4. The Leader of the Opposition be advised of this motion and invited to explain the Liberal Party policy on “spot rezoning” in Development Plan Amendments.



They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Malvern DPA Group has produced the following which says a lot.

The BIG picture

Also note the efforts of Mr David Pisoni MP in drawing the Minister’s attention to the level of opposition from residents to the rezoning of the 301 – 305 Unley Road site.

David_Pisoni_Letter to Minister for Planning 5-Sep-1