Unley Central Precinct Plan Amendment – Council Recommendation to Minister

After much work by Council Staff, Elected Members and Community Consultation, on Thursday, 30 March, Council agreed on the following:

Maximum building heights for Unley Road in the area adjacent to Thomas Street (West of the Soldiers Memorial Gardens – 18.5 metres (5 storeys) 

The remaining area to Arthur Street (Unley Shopping Centre site – 18.5 metres (7 storeys)  

The area west of Unley Road north of Arthur Street (Target, Bazaar and Haddad sites) – 32.5 metres (9 storeys) 

The area east of Unley Road north of Oxford Terrace – 18.5 metres (5 storeys) 

Road and open-space setbacks Policy – Option 2 replacement flexible envelope principles 

Community Area east of Unley Road – Prescriptive Option with designated Village Green and defined building heights 

Maximum building height on Council Civic Area – 11.5 metres (3 storeys) with 1 storey to Edmund Avenue, Rugby Street & eastern end of Oxford Terrace

Exclude residential development from the Community Area east of Unley Road to the south of Oxford Terrace

Maximum building height on the northern side of Oxford Terrace – 11.5 metres (3 storeys)

The Development Plan Amendment and Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) Report, correspondingly amended, be forwarded to the Minister.

The Minister may accept Council’s Draft Plan, or he may wish to make alterations. We look forward to a response in the ‘not too distant’ future.